Obstetrics & Gynecology Services

Located at the Smiths Falls Site, there are four birthing rooms that are used for all stages of labour and delivery. Each birthing room is designed to reflect a home environment and provides a jetted tub, private bathroom, and kitchenette. Family and friends are welcome to visit as each patient room is spacious and comfortable.

PSFDH supports 24-hour rooming-in for our new parents. This allows the much-needed exposure to their new baby prior to being discharged from the hospital. We also work closely with Public Health who can provide Lactation Consultant services for breastfeeding mothers.

PSFDH has successfully completed the MOREob program (Managing Obstetrical Risks Efficiently) which is a patient safety program for front line caregivers, clinical practitioners, and administrators in hospitals with obstetrical units. This program is designed to improve clinical outcomes, to decrease risk of adverse events and to enhance teamwork.

The PSFDH supports and encourages skin to skin contact following birth. There is good evidence that normal, term newborns who are placed skin to skin with their mothers immediately after birth make the transition from fetal to newborn life with greater respiratory, temperature, and glucose stability and significantly less crying indicating decreased stress. Mothers who hold their newborns skin to skin after birth have increased maternal behaviors, show more confidence in caring for their babies and breastfeed for longer durations. Being skin to skin with mother/father protects the newborn from the well-documented negative effects of separation, supports optimal brain development, and facilitates attachment, which promotes the infant’s self-regulation over time.

The PSFDH is committed to achieving BFI certification. The Baby-Friendly Initiative (BFI) Strategy for Ontario is one area of investment by the Ministry of Health to enhance breastfeeding in Ontario. The BFI Strategy will provide hospitals and community health organizations with training, tools, guidance, and educational resources to help achieve World Health Organization’s BFI designation and adopt best practices that meet BFI requirements.

More information on the BFI Strategy can be found at Baby Friendly Initiative.

Gynecology Referrals:

Dr. Cecilia Kerner and Dr. Yan Wang are accepting gynecology referrals at fax 613-283-0048.