Lanark County Mental Health

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has been a proud sponsor of Lanark County Mental Health (LCMH) for the last 20+ years.

LCMH is a dedicated provider of mental health services for adults and transitional aged youth (17 years and over) in the community.  LCMH offers the following services:


Practical & Supportive Counselling
LCMH provides personalized and compassionate support programs for your mental health journey. Dedicated case managers collaborate with you to offer tailored care and resources, addressing your unique needs. Upon enrollment, a proficient case manager assesses your circumstances and works closely with you to create a customized plan. Our time-limited, goal-oriented services span 6 weeks to one year, with regular meetings focused on achieving defined goals.

Individual & Group Therapy
Individual therapy involves evidence-based approaches over ten 45-minute sessions, fostering personal growth. Group therapy, led by experienced counselors, spans 10-12 weeks with collaborative activities for shared challenges and insights.


Urgent Care
In times of acute distress, LCMH provides tailored support with a comprehensive assessment and stabilization-focused approach. Brief counseling sessions (1-3 sessions, no more than 6) offer a secure space for exploration, empowering you with insights and coping strategies. LCMH also connect with community resources for ongoing support beyond LCMH care.

Social Channels



To discover more about the services offered or to schedule an appointment, please visit LCMH's website or call 613-283-2170.