Laboratory Services

Clinical Laboratory Services

The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital is well served by comprehensive, patient safety-oriented clinical laboratory services at each site – Great War Memorial (Perth) Site and Smiths Falls Site. Both sites hold valid licensure from the Ministry of Health. 


Both laboratories have received full accreditation from the Institute of Quality Management Program in Healthcare (IQMH) 

With an excellent quality management program in place and a commitment to ensuring good laboratory practices, highly-skilled Medical Laboratory Technologists provide timely and accurate results using the latest technological advances in chemistry, hematology, transfusion medicine, and microbiology. The Clinical Laboratory also works in collaboration with regional partners to ensure that specialized laboratory testing services are available through a well-established referral process.



The laboratories provide service to:

  • in-patients
  • outpatients presenting to the Emergency department and hospital clinics
  • outpatients scheduled for surgery at Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
  • outpatients scheduled to attend the Medical Day Unit for therapeutic treatment

A completed requisition (OHIP PSFDH Clinical Laboratory Requisition) must be presented by all out-patients in order to access service.


Out-patients requiring blood work that do not meet the criteria above should present to Life Labs. A completed Ministry of Health Laboratory Requisition (OHIP Requisition) is required to access service.