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Central Intake and Assessment for Elective Hip and Knee Replacement

“Putting Patients First”

The Central Intake and Assessment Centre model will improve access to timely assessment for primary hip and knee replacement surgery within the South East LHIN. A hub and spoke model is being implemented across the region which will consist of one regional, central intake where referrals will be processed and triaged. Once the referral has been triaged, it is sent to one of four assessment centres depending upon patient geography – Belleville, Perth/Smiths Falls, Brockville or Kingston.

Assessments are completed by a specially trained physiotherapist to confirm if surgical consult is warranted. If surgery is required, the patient may choose services from a specific hospital, specific surgeon or next available hospital/surgeon. For those patients, whom surgery is not recommended, other options for conservative management will be discussed.

Centralized intake and assessment will provide faster access for patients requiring surgery and improve wait times for elective hip and knee replacement surgery.

Effective February 5th, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital will be joining the Central Intake and Assessment model. Primary care practitioners are asked to begin using the standardized referral form and fax all referrals to 613-549-8382. Do not forward referrals directly to the surgeon.

The advance practice physiotherapist can be contacted by leaving a message at 613-267-1500 ext. 4149.