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The Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has worked with the Regional Systemic Treatment Program in Kingston, part of Cancer Care Ontario to strengthen the regional capacity to optimize appropriate delivery of care for systemic treatment for certain types of cancer. The delivery of safe, high-quality systemic treatment (ST) or chemotherapy treatment is supported in part through a regional framework and will benefit the patients who reside in our catchment area.

As the demand for chemotherapy treatment services grows, there is a need to continue to build upon existing relationships with hospitals and healthcare partners in the South Eastern Ontario region to support regionally-optimized and appropriate delivery of treatment.

PSFDH with the Regional Systemic Treatment Program of Southeastern Ontario has developed a business model to support a chemotherapy program at the Great War Memorial (Perth) site of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital with the integration of a standardized Level 4 systemic treatment site.

Patient resources available at the Cancer Centre in Kingston will also be provided in Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital to ensure consistency in care and patient experience.

PSFDH previously provided chemotherapy treatment services and will incorporate the current best practice guidelines and standards to allow for patients to receive care closer to home.

The program will operate Monday to Friday at the Great War Memorial Site and patients will be received through referrals.  It is anticipated that approximately 300+ treatments will be provided to area residents.  This will allow for them to receive care closer to home and lessen their need to travel to Kingston for treatment and care.

Patient & Family Information:

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Great War Memorial Site
33 Drummond Street West
Perth, ON K7H 2K1
Tel: (613) 267-1500
Smiths Falls Site
60 Cornelia Street West
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2H9
Tel: (613) 283-2330

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