Patient Declaration of Values

 Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital – Patient Declaration of Values 

I Value…….

I Expect…….

C – Caring/Compassion


C – Communication


C – Competence

C – Confidentiality

C – Commitment

That, I, and those important to me, will be treated in a considerate, respectful and dignified manner by all members of the health care team.

To receive honest and meaningful information about my health and my care. To receive focused, timely attention to my queries and concerns.

 To receive skilled, quality care protecting me from harm and focusing on best practice.

 To have my privacy respected in all aspects of my care.

 To be able to rely on the Hospital to continue to provide state-of-the-art health care to our communities. 



Ensuring a good relationship with my care providers is important to me; I will share the responsibility for my health care by providing accurate information, asking for help when needed and being courteous and respectful.


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