Balanced Scorecard

The Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital has undertaken an exciting initiative to improve the flow of information at the hospital. Using the Balanced Scorecard approach, the hospital has translated the goals from our strategic plan into a balanced set of integrated performance measures. These performance measures tell a concise yet complete story about the achievement and performance of the hospital toward its mission and goals.

By measuring and monitoring our performance goals in areas such as patient satisfaction, clinical resources and financial performance, we will achieve greater accountability, produce more quantifiable results and ensure excellence in the provision of high quality patient focused care.

The Balanced Scorecard focuses on achieving results in priority areas, to ensure the money we spend produces measurable and meaningful outcomes for the communities we serve. Ultimately, this approach will help us reduce waiting times, improve access to care and foster the well-being of the people we serve.

Corporate Scorecard 2019-2020 (Q4)


For more information on this program, please contact:

Nancy Shaw, VP, Patient Care Services/CNE, Chief HR Officer

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